Refresh the Look of Your Furniture

Deep upholstery cleaning services in Kalamazoo, Michigan

If your chairs and couch are riddled with stains, don’t toss them out. You’ve spent thousands of dollars on your furniture – you shouldn’t have to replace it because of a couple stains. Restore the look of your furniture with deep upholstery cleaning from Rocketship Cleaning Service.

 We’ll knock out those furniture stains

We’ll knock out those furniture stains

Stains are constant reminders of small spills and other past accidents. You shouldn’t have to look at wine and spaghetti stains from ages past. Contact Rocketship Cleaning Service, and we’ll get rid of those stains ASAP! We clean all types of furniture and are skilled in wet/dry upholstery cleaning. Soon, you’ll have:

  • Fewer crumbs and dust in the crevices of your furniture
  • Softer and more comfortable couches and chairs
  • Cleaner air that’s free of dust and other allergens

We’ve cleaned upholstery in Kalamazoo, Michigan for years. You can trust our specialists to use gentle yet effective products to get rid of set-in stains and restore the look of your furniture in no time. Contact us today to restore your furniture to like-new condition.